Soil Quality as Affected by Municipal Solid Waste Dumping

S. A. Nta, M. J. Ayotamuno, A. H. Igoni, R. H. Okparanma

Page: 1-11
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Evaluation of Growth Performance of Physic Nut (Jatropha curcas) Seedlings on Different Soils in the Northern Guinea Savanna Agrological Zone of Nigeria

A. I. Sodimu, G. L. Lapkat, N. O. Oladele, O. Osunsina, R. Suleiman, T. A. Awobona

Page: 12-17
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Enhancement of the Productivity of Soybean in Malawi through Foliar Application of Nutrients

Austin T. Phiri, Pacsu Simwaka, Daniel Kausiwa

Page: 18-34
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Effect of Different Levels of Potassium Fertilizer on the Yield Components of BARI Bush Bean-2

Basudeb Roy, Alok Kumar Paul, A. T. M. Shamsuddoha

Page: 35-40
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Quantitative and Qualitative Soil Water Resources Potentials and Soil Assessment of River Onyongo Drainage Basin for Agricultural Use-Oju Local Government Area - Benue State, Nigeria

Garpiya Bodinga Timothy, Aminu Ali, Kyat Mcgyotwowa Makama

Page: 41-51
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