Study of Physiochemical Ground Water Quality Parameters of Different Hospital Areas of Faisalabad

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Saba Yousaf
Muhammad Ali Awais
Muhammad Naveed
Sumaira Shabbir
Sabir Ali
Muhammad Idrees


The main sources of water are rain, surface and ground water. These resources are contaminated due to human activities. Clean water is basic need at every step of life, it also ensures the good health. The main objective of this study was to access the quality of ground water in Faisalabad city. From different hospitals of the Faisalabad water samples were collected to estimate their physiochemical parameters. The physiochemical parameters such as (color, taste, odor, pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) were analyzed and their values were compared with the standard values given by the World Health Organization. In majority of the colonies some parameters were found within permissible parameters of above standard such as pH and total hardness. But in few colonies EC and TDS values deviated with reference to the recommended values. On the completion of data physiochemical parameters of ground water, statistical analysis was applied. Statistical analysis was carried out to evaluate the significant different between means of samples.

Ground water, Faisalabad city, physiochemical parameters, water quality.

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Yousaf, S., Awais, M. A., Naveed, M., Shabbir, S., Ali, S., & Idrees, M. (2019). Study of Physiochemical Ground Water Quality Parameters of Different Hospital Areas of Faisalabad. Asian Soil Research Journal, 2(3), 1-6.
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